Sunday, 9 March 2014

Update on where we are up to...

Well I was going to go to Allumwell Wargames show today, but being my life at the moment things don't run that way and a hospital appointment has scuppered me from going.

Since January I have been a little bit ill, nothing serious or life threatening, just very very inconvenient, that has prevented me from working and driving.

So what does this mean for my games. Well I can't concentrate on things too long and I suppose a type of lethargy has set in. I am currently assembling my Drop zone commander forces, I am planning a Russian HOTT army to appose my US Army.  I need to work on the opposition to my ORC HOTT army.

2 solo games will probably take place over the next few weeks, One will be a WW2 scenario, which will be a replay of a previous played game (Name is escaping me at the moment), and a Modern CWC game.
I need to work on my Falklands 15mm project and may also do a 10mm Falklands CWC. Also need to redo my Napoleonic bases and flat varnish them. SO lots of things, plenty of time, just a lack of get up and go.

So as you can see I am flitting quite a lot as my concentration slips and I am inspired by another project. Not going to Allumwell has well, upset me a little but the appointment is far too important, to risk getting stuck in traffic in trying to race back from Birmingham to get to the hospital on time.

I have on the other hand spent some of my future wages on some new terrain off E(vil)bay, so watch this space as they say.

Another set off rules has landed in my lap due to my evil friend....
Chain of Command by Two Fat Lardies. 
My friend who is currently in the States will be returning for a month soon and this is his plan for us to play a 1941 Desert campaign using these rules.
The initial read through is quite promising and it looks like it may be adaptable for the Falklands Games.

Muskets and Tomahawks is now another set of rules looming on my gaming scene, as another gaming friend wants me to do a period he actually likes. well I have told him he can buy the Rules and the Armies and Paint them this time and I will play them, seems a fair deal as my shed is full off stuff and much is gathering dust.

We will wait and see as they say.

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