Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Last night Games - Dead Mans Hand and x-Wing

Last nights games were Dead Mans Hand and X-wing.

First up was Dead Mans Hand.

General view of the town.
 The Outlaws start in the Red building across from the Law men. The Out laws get to go first but I manage to get two repeater armed Deputies up on the roof and they dominate the game.
2 Deputies on the roof make great sharp shooters.
 First shot at the outlaw on the roof opposite see's him killed, they also contribute in taking down the gunslinger who was after the Marshall.
Outlaw Boss takes down
 The Outlaws Boss makes it all the way across the town square and bursts into the Sheriffs office to get at the two Deputies on the roof, only to come bursting out again killing the shotgun armed deputy . The Sheriff then goes head to head with the Outlaw boss.
Marshall gets shot in b the back.
 The Marshall is in a sticky position, he was shot at around 12 times and only after taking down one outlaw to his front got a wound when an outlaw with a shotgun sneaked up behind him.
Game over positions.
 The out laws were down to 2 men out of 5 and a big nerve test was required by the outlaws. They failed and the Law men took the survivors into custody, looks like the gallows may just have some use after all.

next we played X-wing

Just for fun we played X-wing using the Dead Mans Hand terrain we had set up for he previous game.
2 Tie fighters faced of Biggs in his X-wing. First turn saw Biggs turn and glance a building. Luckily for him no damage was done. Meanwhile the Ties charged forward.
Turn 2 Biggs and a Tie go head to head

the Tie gets on Biggs tail and stays there all game.

 Biggs goes head to head with one of the Ties which takes his shields down, the Tie then gets on his tail and stays there for the entire game.

Biggs using the Gallows as cover.
 Using the Gallows as cover one of the Ties inadvertently barrel rolls into it and bounces off. Biggs races around the Gallows only to be confronted by the second Tie fighter
Hmmm what is Biggs going to do now??
Biggs manages to damage one of the Ties and does a critical which causes two hits on the other Tie fighter but they still hunt him down relentlessly.

Biggs is in trouble
Caught in a cross fire with both shields gone and suffering 1 critical damage, Biggs finally runs out of luck and is destroyed in a cunningly conceived crossfire by the two Tie fighters.

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