Monday, 3 March 2014

HOTT test game

Played a test game of HOTT and although it was quick I am unsure how to do a few things, likethe combats which were getting complicated.

Orc Setup

US Army Set up, they were defending.

US Army start to redeploy

Orcs surge forward on a pip role of 1.

Again the Orcs surge forward after an0other great pip throw of a 2.
The US had redeployed a bit more.

Combined US shooting on the middle rider kills it.

Another great Pip role for the Orcs, a 1!

US shooting takes another rider down.

Orcs Crash into the US lines.

The result was bad for the US, 1 shooter dead and 1 behemoth.

The US Hero General and behemoth try for an instant victory and target the Orc General rider.

The Orc general survives and recoils.

The Orcs, hero targets the behemoth, whilst the Orc's behemoth and General target the US hero general.

Its not good for the Orc's.

You win some, you loose some. The Orc's General recoils along with their behemoth which is destroyed as it has no where to go. But in return the US last behemoth is destroyed.

The US hero re-joins the shooters in the woods.

An attack by the hordes did not go too well for the Orc's, with 2 destroyed and the other two recoiled.

The Orcs try to dislodge the shooters in the woods but only succeed in recoiling one and getting there warbands hit in the flank by the US general which fights to a stalemate.

End game as I don't know how to fight this one, the Orc General just hit the US general in the flank.
My Conundrum is as follows:
The US Shooters faces a warband which is supported by another warband, who in turn are both hit in the flank by the US general, who in turn is hit in the flank by the Orc general, So Now I ask...
How the eck do I work that combat out?

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