Monday, 9 June 2014

Bank Holiday Game 2 - Jugula

On the Bank Holiday Monday, for our second game of the day, I introduced Richard to Jugula. With only 2 Gladiators per side it was going to be either a long game or a short one. It turned out to be around just right although extra gladiators would have been better.

Although the game is quite easy to play, the rules are a bugger to get your head around, once you play it a few times it seems to work although it is very hard to wound another gladiator, let alone kill it even if you have a whopping score of 14.

This was Richards first encounter with the game and my first proper full run through and he felt that the game lacked the Gladiatorial feel it should have and felt a little of a push and shove game with little if any actual fighting.

The game does seem to be more of a strategy card orientated game rather than a table top game and maybe playing the additional campaign rules may make it a better game.
Well the author does say that this is not a Gladiator fighting game... Okay I wish Icould have read this before buying the sealed rules.

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