Sunday, 15 June 2014

Phalanx Show report and game pictures

Saturday I went to the recent Phalanx show held at St.Helen's - What a show this was, the Bring and Buy was packed and lots of reasonable priced items on display, the traders had awesome goods on display and were quite happy to talk to you, even if you didn't buy anything.

I lost out on a Imperial guard Baneblade as my friend distracted me for 30 seconds to rob some cash of me and when I turned back a guy had picked it up and was getting his cash out... Oh well, a Pip and Dandy moment.

Nether the less there was lots of other things I could have purchased, but my friend robbed all my ready cash and no one was taking card payments. So I will have to mail order some stuff from The Last Valley, Bitz Box and  Great Escape Games.

I manged to scrape enough cash from what my friend left me to get some more small scenery bits for Dead Mans Hand and I bumped in to an old war gaming friend. The display games were of high quality and one in particular was just.. WoW! It featured an WW2 US invasion of a Japanese held  Island in 20mm which was around 20 foot long and flanking it was two furthur tables holding the carrier fleets with 20mm scratch build carrier at one end and a smaller scaled fleet representing the enemy at the other end for both sides.

After Sheffield I was not going to go to any more shows for a couple of months as it had made me quite ill, but I decided as this was quite close and I would chance it, I got around it okay, but only just, I started to flag a little after 2 hours and it was a good job it was close to home.

Oh well less of my drivel and on with the game pictures.

First up is Great Escape's Dead Man's Hand demonstration table which was very inspiring, I am going to have to do a table base soon for my own games.

Next is a King of War game, the house had a glowing light in it.

This participation game was called Where Eagles Dare, could not quite work out the setting but it looked interestingly good.

This medieval game caught my eye due to the beautifully painted miniatures. I do like this period for its colourful troops but not enough to actual buy and paint them as mine will never look as good as these.

The next game was I think a Civil War game set in the mid 1920's??  Initiative was card orientated, or so I guess from all the playing cards cluttering the table.

Next up was a American Civil War game, Lots and Lots of firing lines as usual.

There was this neat Napoleonic Naval game, Something wich has eluded me over the years and one day I may get a chance to play a game.

A Bomber raid over England with German bomber formations trying to get past the RAF to bomb their targets. The table cloth was painted on the back of some leatherett, to which I have a lot off in my shed.. Hmm... Naw, I don't think so, not just yet although I do have a ton of 1/300th scale WW2 aircraft to paint up.

Now on to the Iow Jima type game. this game was an eye catcher and awesome to boot.
20mm Japanese Aircraft Carrier

A view showing the scale of this game.

The Us fleet supporting the invasion.

One of the two fortified mountains and one of the US beach landings.

LVT's land near the airfield

Jap Airfield witha  bomber trying to take off.

Another pic of the LVT's

Another US landing takes place.

More LVT's attack the second fortified mountain.

Waterline LVT... Me like.

Picture of the second fortified mountain and local village

The US Carrier and in the distance a Japanese fleet.

A view down the table.
 Finally there was this medieval game with this castle.

Overall I enjoyed the show and will look forward to visiting it again next year.
Jon :)

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