Monday, 2 June 2014

Dead Mans Hand - Show Down

Towns folks face off against the Villains before deployment.
Sundays' game of Dead Mans Hand had us using a total of 18 figures,

Good Guys were, Sheriff, Marshall, 3 Deputies and 4 Towns Folks Vs the Bad guys who had a Boss, 7 dudes and a varmet. The Towns folks were out gunned with the Sheriff falling to a lucky hit only two activations into the first turn.  No matter what they did the town folks were gunned down mercilessly as 19 after 19 was rolled, I think the bad guys threw around 6 19's through out the game with very few shots missing. The last town folk took on the baddies in hand to hand fighting only for the bad guys boss leap up onto the roof and dispatched the lonely town folk with one mighty punch.

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