Saturday, 28 June 2014


Many moons ago I came across adverts for Rouge Trader and purchased my copy not long after it came out, I loved it and I was inspired by the models within its pages and my love affair with it started.

I regularly purchased and painted the miniatures on offer, My first purchase was the boxed set of Marines and then came the Orks. I then got the Eldar Pirates and then Imperial guard,Swats, and finally Chaos marines, I loved them. A few years later came the plastic Imperial guard, and the Rhinos (3 in a box), I also got a land raider. I for some reason then sold the lot off? I can't remember why, but one thing I know is probably lack off an opponent.

Then came the new Warhammer 40k boxed rules with Plastic Marines and Plastic Orcs and Gretchins, I loved those Orcs. I had Battle Wagons, Bikes, Meks with Shoc attack guns, I had Gretchin artillery, HOP SPLATS, I had the lot.... Sigh where did it all go wrong?

Well although I have started playing the new 40k, I decided to track down a copy of the original rules, and a look on EVil Bay reveals that the rules go for a hefty price ?? Well I managed to find a copy at a good price and when it arrived it was MINT!

So now I am a proud owner of a copy of Rogue Trade ©1987 set of rules.

Having quickly read through it, It has rekindled my interest in these rules and a spark has appeared in my eye. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!

You can also  see that a lot of weapon stats have not changed but the character stats have been dumbed down to make it easier for today's kids to handle.

I also managed to get another cheaper copy for a friend as an early Birthday present and we intend to raise an army using the lists and play a few games with the original rules.

Conversion Beamers, D-Cannons, Webbers...Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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